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Wound Care Options for Your Clinic

Caring for patients wounds is the standard of basic human treatment for varying injuries. Ensuring that bodies are at their optimum levels by quickly tending to such injuries is vital to maintaining health in the long run. Fortunately, there are ways your clinic is able to take advantage of the great advents in medicine and treatment over the years that allow your patients to recover quickly and safely, while maintaining good health into the future. Additionally, this practice is reimbursable by insurance and very profitable for your clinic.

Risk factors can increase the likelihood of developing skin ulcers. Some of these include but are not limited to;

  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormonal changes and increased blood volume may cause leg vein problems.
  • Cigarette smoking: Tobacco smoke hardens your arteries and disrupts proper blood flow. Limited mobility: Being bedridden, paralyzed, or using a wheelchair puts your skin under constant pressure. Leg injuries and arthritis can limit your movement.
  • Increasing age: Age is linked to atherosclerosis and venous insufficiency.
  • High blood pressure: Hypertension, or high blood pressure, damages the arteries and disrupts blood flow.
  • High blood cholesterol: High cholesterol increases narrowing and oxidative stress in the arteries, which disrupts blood flow.
  • Diabetes: Ulcers form due to a combination of factors, such as lack of feeling in the foot, poor circulation, foot deformities, irritation (such as friction or pressure), and trauma, as well as duration of diabetes.
  • Obesity: Obesity raises your risk for diabetes, atherosclerosis, and increased pressure in your leg veins.
  • History of blood clots: If you’re prone to blood clots, you’re more likely to have blood flow issues.

Effective Treatments Are Available

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Such risk factors place people in danger of potentially developing a skin ulcer, severe local infection, sepsis, tissue or limb amputation, or even death. Having the correct and most effective treatments will allow your clinic to not only reap the financial benefits of these procedures, but help as many people as possible get well quicker. Training is available for your Nurse Practitioner and/or yourself to deliver wound care treatments utilizing natural biologics in Tampa, FL provided by New Life at the University of South Florida CAMLS (Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation).

Practice Clearwater Fl

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