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Too Many People Die from Surgery — What are the Alternatives?

Any time a person goes in for surgery, there is a risk of complications, infection, illness or even death. The death could come from the person’s reaction to an anesthetic or from something going wrong during the surgery. There’s also staph infections, septicemia or sepsis infections that may be spread throughout a hospital.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than four million people around the world die within 30 days of undergoing surgery, based on all types of surgery performed in hospitals. Obviously, the whole point of entering a hospital is to come out in better condition than when you went in, instead of coming out suffering from sepsis or some resistive infection. It stands to reason then, that any time a person can avoid surgery and still achieve a recovery, that’s a very good day.

Regenerative Medicine Alternative to Surgery

This is a huge reason we love Regenerative Medicine. Instead of Tommy John surgery to reconstruct a broken-down elbow, knee replacement surgery or shoulder surgery for a damaged rotator cuff, many people now have the chance to recover functionality without surgery. They not only avoid the risks of surgery, they also drastically reduce the time it takes them to walk, work, throw, move or dance normally again. In most cases, patients receiving Regenerative Medicine treatments for joint problems experience improved mobility in just days.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine treatments that enable a person to skip the risks of surgery while still achieving recovery are a blessing and a gift. Regenerative medicine works with and boosts the body’s ability to heal itself. Gradually, treatments containing stem cells and growth factors and platelet-rich plasma are revolutionizing the orthopedic practice.

Treatments containing Stem Cells

Mesenchymal Stem Cells have a phenomenal adaptability to the needs of the injury being treated. They have the ability to develop into any of the following kinds of tissues:

  • Fibroblasts to form connective tissues
  • Mesothelium to form the cell lining of body cavities and spaces
  • Endothelium to form the inner surface of arteries, veins, etc.
  • Adipocytes for lipid storage
  • Myoblasts to form skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle
  • Chondroblasts to form cartilage
  • Osteoblasts to form bone

It’s no wonder then, that the body begins to utilize Mesenchymal Stem Cells immediately to repair injuries and degeneration.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Of all the components in a person’s blood, platelets possess the most vigorous ability to attack inflammation and trigger a healing response. By concentrating platelets into PRP injections and administering them with stem cells, the strongest possible healing activity is generated. Think of it as giving a patient’s body the support and inspiration it needs to calm inflammation and regrow healthy tissues rapidly.

Treatments containing stem cells along with PRP injections are the perfect way to help a person who is otherwise facing ACL surgery, a repair of an MCL injury or any one of hundreds of other procedures. It’s entirely possible for a person to avoid a potential knee replacement procedure after being treated with stem cell injections and PRP injections.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the vast potential of treatments containing stem cells and growth factors and PRP injections. We foresee millions of people benefiting from these minimally-invasive treatments in the coming years.

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Our Mission

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