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Shoulder Pain? Regenerative Medicine may be the answer

Whether you’re experiencing shoulder pain or a rotator cuff injury from a prior accident, strenuous exercise, or just general use, having to perform surgery to repair shoulder damage that may be causing pain can be a hassle. Not only is surgery considered invasive, but there is never a guarantee that the shoulder will return to its former strength or flexibility. Our shoulders serve a lot of purpose in everyday life, and injury can often be complicated to operate on. It generally entails months of rehab, high risks, and frequent follow-ups to ensure the new joint replacement is not failing.

A Fresh Start

Rather than attempting to fix the issue through physical repair, regenerative medicine takes a different approach by regenerating cells in the area and healing the body in a more natural way. Employing this breakthrough technology, millions of new regenerative cells are introduced to the area leading to a rise in patients reporting of not only the healing of the area and removing pain, but sometimes increased movement capabilities and range of use. It is through this way that regenerative medicine supports the self-healing process that our bodies are naturally accustomed to, and suppresses inflammation while reversing disease progression.

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Given regenerative medicine was recently adopted by the Mayo Clinic, we are in a better position than ever to solidify its place within the health industry. With growth projection continuing to skyrocket, we are giving the ability for millions more patients implementing its use to get better, feel better, and live happier.

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Our Mission - Dr. Singer Enterprises
Our Mission

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