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Regenerative Medicine Conferences – How to Decide Which is Worth the Time for a Busy DR

There are many regenerative medicine conferences throughout the year so how is a Dr to know which is the best one to attend? To be sure you’re attending the right event, start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want a turn key system that will help you add regenerative medicine to your practice or do you strictly want to learn the protocols?
  2. Is your staff already trained in the proper protocols to deliver regenerative treatments?
  3. Do you already know how to market your practice well for regenerative medicine or would you prefer to learn a proven system that is working for other physicians?
  4. Would you like help finding the regenerative tissue suppliers that fit your practice best or have you already found a good match?
  5. Are your staff members well trained with refined patient education strategies specific to regenerative medicine?
  6. Would you prefer to attend one conference or have more events and support available to you on an ongoing basis?

Before investing your time in a regenerative medicine conference ask the conference provider if their program aligns with your answers to these questions. Find out how much time is dedicated to the things that are most important to you. There’s nothing worse than spending days at a conference to find out that a few short hours are all that interest you.

Many doctors, especially those in primary care, internal medicine, orthopedics and multiple other areas of practice, are seeking a turn key solution. A solution that provides everything you need from learning the protocols, to finding regenerative companies that have been well vetted for tissue, the best suppliers of equipment, refined patient education strategies, successful marketing plans, exact steps to follow for success and even a support system to keep them on track at all times.

Regenerative Medicine Conference

Before You Attend a Regenerative Medicine Conference - Consider This

If you are considering adding regenerative medicine, or perhaps other cash services to your practice...may I make a suggestion?

Before you attend a multi-day regenerative medicine conference, find out if regenerative medicine is a good fit for your practice by attending one of our 1 hour live webinars as a personal guest of Dr Singer.

Dr Singer has helped literally thousands of doctors:

  • Add cash services to their practices
  • Better educate patients so they want the treatments and are willing to pay for them
  • Have staff members deliver the treatments
  • Market their practices to attract the right type of patients
  • Create more free time for themselves

In the webinar, you are invited to participate in live conversation that will introduce you to proven strategies that have helped many doctors successfully add regenerative medicine to their practices. You will be exposed to the formulas for marketing, patient education, patient acquisition, practice growth strategies and more. Investing one hour of your time may help you avoid attending a regenerative medicine conference that may not truly meet your goals and the goals of your practice.

Our group participates and consults with physicians on a regular basis to help ensure the success of their practices. Many doctors that have been in practice for 30 years or more say they wish they had met Dr Singer many years earlier. He has helped them improve their practices and live the lifestyle that a physician truly deserves.

If you are considering attending a regenerative medicine conference, please take advantage of our offer to join Dr Singer on a webinar first and then decide which conference is right for you.

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Our Mission - Dr. Singer Enterprises
Our Mission

David Singer Enterprises is a leading consulting firm for regenerative medicine. Founded by Dr. David Singer, who had the fastest growing practice in the world during the 80's. While he was achieving major success, he felt that there was more that he could do to help heal people in this world. So he decided to start sharing his secrets to success with the world. Your success is our success!