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Non-Opioid Pain Management Options

By now, there’s probably not a medical practitioner alive who has missed the catastrophic loss of life we’ve experienced because of America’s opioid epidemic. In some American counties, an entire generation has become trapped in opioid abuse. Nearly everyone has a story of a brother, cousin, friend or co-worker who lost everything due to opioid abuse.

Treatments Containing Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Pain

You may also have heard that far too many of these lost souls got started on the road to addiction after being prescribed pain killers by a doctor. Because of improper pain management procedures, these people never learned about alternative methods of pain relief. They only knew one solution to their pain: opioids which are quickly addictive. When both mind and body become addicted, these people were compelled to seek more pain meds which often meant going from one doctor to another, asking for prescriptions for one of these opioid medications.

With regenerative medicine, you are in a perfect position to derail this epidemic and prevent many more patients from being trapped in this pattern of dependence on their pain medication. You not only serve these individuals, but you also serve their families and communities when you use treatments containing stem cells and growth factors or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to heal injuries or ailments and resolve pain.

Treatments containing Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine For Pain

The discovery of how to use Mesenchymal Stem Cell to resolve pain is one of the greatest medical advances to become available to the broad public in the last few decades. Up to now, there have been few effective therapies to heal the source of many kinds of very common pain, such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint pain

These types of pain are often chronic and result from inflammation, arthritis, poorly healed injuries and ligament or tendon damage. What a revelation it is to a patient who has under gone treatments containing stem cells for pain and discovers that their pain finally resolves. A patient who once faced spinal fusion therapy or who could not overcome a tendon injury despite intensive physical therapy can finally return to vigorous activity. Perhaps best of all, many patients dreading the thought of joint replacement surgery to finally get relief from shoulder or knee pain can achieve lasting non-surgical relief.

The Healing Effects of Treatments Containing Stem Cells and PRP

The use of treatments containing stem cells and PRP focuses and concentrates the powerful healing effects of the human body on areas of your patients’ bodies that have suffered degeneration. The use of both treatments together gives patients their best chance of a significantly improved condition and reduced pain. In many cases, we have seen patients eliminate their pain and infirmity completely.

The Healing Effects of Treatments Containing Stem Cells and PRP

One of the greatest services you can bring to mankind is helping individuals lose their pain and regain their mobility and enjoyment of life again. This is true healing, and for those who are reading this article, this may be the kind of medicine you’ve been searching for, perhaps even for your whole career. Think about the many patients you can help return to full functionality and lose their dependence on pain medications.

By offering treatments containing stem cell, you offer your patients potential freedom from long-term painkiller use and a return to physical vigor. This is perhaps the greatest physical gift you can offer — and it’s one that is currently needed by millions of people in this country alone.

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