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Get the Information and Resources You Need to Bring Regenerative Medicine into Your Practice

Our experienced consulting company has many connections, tools, and resources to help you with all aspects of adding regenerative medicine techniques to your practice. We offer advanced training sessions in-person and online that offer insight on how to educate your patients about how regenerative medicine treatments can meet their specific needs, as well as how you can train your staff to provide regenerative medicine techniques.

Our conferences and training sessions are not only informative to helping you bring regenerative treatments into your medical practice, but we also often invite many different suppliers that provide proper resources and equipment for regenerative and aesthetic treatments.

Practice Clearwater FlSome such treatments include;

  • Regenerative tissue
  • Centrifuges
  • PRP Kits
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Processing stations
  • And more

Having these reliable suppliers at our conferences and training sessions gives you the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the many different companies that can help you fully equip your practice with the proper tools and resources needed to integrate these techniques into your practice. We also provide information and links in our online webinars, so you have reliable access to these suppliers and resources online as well as in person.

Transform Your Practice with Proven Techniques and Properly Trained Staff

The David Singer Enterprises training sessions are not just for doctors starting out in regenerative medicine. We also provide information and resources to help transform your current practice and make it even more successful with tips on how to train your staff and market your business through proven techniques that will increase your profitability.

In the advanced training, you will receive tools that will help you, such as information on how to properly administer regenerative treatments, that give you knowledge you can use to train your own staff so that they are able to provide these treatments as well. This includes training for each provider on how to utilize the equipment and the healing properties in these regenerative therapies to provide their patients with effective pain relief, as well as how they can be used for a wide range of aesthetic procedures.

We have helped many doctors apply the proper protocols and training for regenerative medical techniques into their practices around the world, bringing them higher profitability and bringing their patients excellent, quality healthcare.

If you would like to learn more about bringing regenerative medicine into your practice, sign up for Dr. Singer’s Report on how our training sessions have successfully helped hundreds of doctors get more patients out of pain by implementing the most advanced medical procedures into their practices.


Our Mission - Dr. Singer Enterprises
Our Mission

David Singer Enterprises is a leading consulting firm for regenerative medicine. Founded by Dr. David Singer, who had the fastest growing practice in the world during the 80's. While he was achieving major success, he felt that there was more that he could do to help heal people in this world. So he decided to start sharing his secrets to success with the world. Your success is our success!