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Financial Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

It has frequently been touted that Regenerative Medicine’s proven success in medicine has been a propeller for its new heights. The science, along with the ease of marketability for implementation in ones practice has also shown its ability to perform on a sustainability level. Perhaps one of the more obvious aspects, yet less covered topics of Regenerative Medicine, are the financial benefits of implementing this service in your practice.

The Option of Choice

One aspect patients like when entering a clinic is the option of choice. Like a menu at a restaurant, people love choice as it generates a feeling of obtaining exactly what they want. Along with this, it provides them with options for things they may not have known they wanted initially. Think of Regenerative Medicine as another element to add to your practices ‘menu’. People also have the opportunity to learn more about Regenerative Medicine while it is marketed from within your practice.

Be a Part of the Growth

To be a part of this potential growth early on before the field takes hold is integral to not only your clinics success, but gaining first-mover advantage in a quickly growing field in medicine. Your cash services will increase as well as profit, but most importantly patient suffering will be reduced. Along with all this, saving your clinic money through the investment of Regenerative Medicine has also shown to reduce the costs of total health care output.

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An argument of significance for the financial benefits of Regenerative Medicine is that ‘human cell-based therapies have the potential, which most molecular medicines for chronic conditions do not, of returning the patient to health with respect to that condition without further intervention.’ (Mason & Dunnill, 2008, para. 36) From a medical perspective, the potential is limitless given the outlook, so naturally, this new sector also provides a plethora of potential financial gain. Financial benefits are only growing as the field expands over time, putting Regenerative Medicine as one of the greatest investments practitioners can add to their clinic.

Mason, C., & Dunnill, P. (2008, May 7). The strong financial case for regenerative medicine and the regen industry. Future Medicine.

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Dr. Singer founded David Singer Enterprises that has consulted 800-1000 clinics for over 30 years, up until 2018 when they became an integration company with over 300 clients. By following his program, healthcare professionals have been able to help more patients while having their staff do more of the work and therefore enjoy more free time for themselves. One of his major goals is to see that regenerative medicine has the greatest impact possible in society.

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