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Education Institutions are Adding Regenerative Medicine to Their Programs

Given the consistent rise in Regenerative Medicine over the years, educational institutions are taking note of the fact that in the near future, this field will play a more significant part than ever in the treatment, healing, and management of patient care. By adding this integral field to the teaching curriculum of students around the nation, we are cementing Regenerative Medicine as a primary industry force moving forward.

The University of Florida has recently announced the completed development of its new center for Regenerative Medicine to develop lifesaving therapies utilizing stem cells to repair the body. Robert Hromas, M.D. stated that “the center will emphasize a collaborative spirit across discipline and speciality lines by fostering work without silos. This will allow us to ultimately bring leading-edge therapies from the bench to the bedside.” (UF Health Author, 2018, para. 3)

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With more research and focus being placed on this field, Mayo Clinic has also adopted Regenerative Medicine as a field of academic rank. Waugh Executive Dean for Education Fredric Meyer, M.D. has stated that “a stronger regenerative medicine community will enrich Mayo’s academic, scientific and clinical leadership. When you have a community working together, the research is usually more powerful and effective, and that strengthens the practice.” (Buckles, 2020, para. 2) This way, Regenerative Medicine is further establishing itself in medical, surgical, radiology, and laboratory settings.

As the discussion of Regenerative Medicine moves forward, cooperation between educational institutions, researchers, everyday doctors, and clinics will continue. Elevating the field to higher levels allows the industry to recognize its academic contributions, professional achievements, and other scholarly activity. Along with the clear market demand, this can only point to good things looking into the future of Regenerative medicine.

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