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Amniotic Membrane Wound Healing Properties

The wound healing properties of the amniotic membrane have a number of characteristics that make it especially suited to wound healing. There is a sterile allograft derived from this membrane provides a natural substrate for facilitating reparative cell migration, adhesion, differentiation and maintenance.

Key components include;

  • Sterile allograft derived from amniotic membrane.
  • Fully resorbed in body during healing process.
  • Reduces pain when applied to a wound increases and enhances the wound healing process.
  • Has antibacterial properties.
  • Is non immunogenic (will not be seen as foreign material).
  • Provides a biological barrier.
  • Provides a matrix for migration and proliferation of cells.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Reduces scar tissue formation.

Amniotic Membrane Use

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This material can be cleansed, dehydrated, and sterilized, extending the shelf life of amniotic membrane beyond the original six weeks it once had. Traditionally, amniotic membrane has been used on burns, however the uses have greatly increased over the years. It should be used for wounds that are chronic and non-healing. Upon proper use, amniotic membrane allograft should bring improvements in the wound in terms of size and depth within 2 to 3 weeks. You can apply a second graft once slowing of wound healing has occurred.

The use of amniotic membrane in the management of chronic wounds is an exciting new development which provides another option for wounds that fail to heal using traditional wound therapies and dressings.

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