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Alternatives to Spinal Surgery

For some people, back pain comes and goes. But for others it comes – and stays. It will stay forever unless there is some kind of effective intervention.

Every year, a half million people in this country alone suffer such pain and reduction in the quality of their lives that they find a back surgeon and ask for something, anything that will end their disability. They get a laminectomy, spinal fusion surgery, foraminotomy, discectomy or a disc replacement. Some of these back surgeries are successful. Some fail. Every person goes through the risk, pain and drugs of these intense surgeries.

Their decision to opt for back surgery is understandable. Anything is better than not being able to sit, walk, stand or sleep without pain. But the saddest aspect to this situation might be that many of these people could benefit from treatments containing stem cells for their back problems and avoid the surgery.

But they simply don’t know that the choice exists. Or perhaps they heard about it but didn’t get the right information to open their eyes to the possibilities. You’re in the perfect position to change that situation as you grow a new Regenerative Medicine practice.

Treatments containing Stem Cells for the Spine

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells are powerfully healing and regenerating cells. Obtaining these stem cells from Wharton’s Jelly, found in ethically-harvested umbilical cords, means that they are vibrant young cells at the peak of their ability to heal.

When these cells are injected into degenerated areas, a patient’s body can utilize them to resolve inflammation in ligaments and even in bone. Further, dried-out and brittle discs may recover their plumpness and ability to act as shock absorbers. Mesenchymal stem cells also secrete substances that regulate chronic inflammation.

It’s very common to find that patients experience a growth in disc height, new bone and even cartilage tissue. This is a great natural and non-invasive option to surgery — returning youthful health to areas that have suffered injury, degeneration, deterioration and inflammation.

Treatments Containing Stem Cells for the Spine

Getting the Word Out

By working with medical doctors to guide their development of Regenerative Medicine practices, we help them build practices that are more satisfying for them. No longer do they need to refer back pain patients out to surgeons. They have an effective method that can use in their own practices to bring about recovery.

They also find a way to free themselves from insurance constraints by creating cash practices.

At the same time, with every new practitioner who opens their doors to patients who can benefit from treatments containing stem cells, we help get the word out that chronic back pain doesn’t have to mean addictive painkillers or surgery.

This is great news for many of these half-million people opting for back surgery. As more of them learn about the benefits offered by mesenchymal stem cells for back problems, more people will breathe a huge sigh of relief because they can avoid hours of surgery and months of recovery.

We look forward to working with you to bring these miracles of healing to patients in your area, and helping you build a successful Regenerative Practice you can be proud of.

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Our Mission

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