Medical Cash Integration Advanced Training Program


This is one of our newest training programs and so far the results have been amazing. Many of our clients have found so much success that the increased revenue paid the program off in just a few short months.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. Legal and Hiring
    The first part consists of getting you legally structured with the help of your or our attorney. Once you are legally structured we will help you find and hire the correct staff for the new procedures you will do in your office. If the staff members that are hired need training we will help arrange that with you at the lowest cost possible.

  2. Marketing
    Once all the staff are hired and capable of starting employment within two weeks, we begin marketing. Just like a health club presells their services so will you. This is so that you can start and be profitable from day one.

  3. Sales
    You will begin the third step simultaneously with the second step. which is learning how to sell the services you will provide.

Through our live seminars, online training, and one on one coaching we will be with you every step of the way, following a checklist to bring about the successful implementation of this program.

We look forward to helping you to help more people, have financial freedom and more time to enjoy life.

Office Management Made Easy Advanced Training Program

There are several purposes intended for this program. The first is to help you implement some simple management strategies, that will help distribute the workload of the practice, to everyone who works there.

We also want everyone in the practice to be able to do his or her job effectively and efficiently, with minimal follow up needed to ensure accuracy.

Another reason we are excited you are doing this program, is to show you a simple, yet effective, way to successfully add additional programs to your office. All of us have been excited about starting or adding services to our practices, only to get bogged down trying to get it started or never see it become the successful venture we had hoped for. We have found that one of the biggest reasons this happens, is because the doctor or their staff got the idea, liked it, wanted to do it, but didn't fully understand the steps needed, to make it go right. Not knowing each step may either prevent them from not doing well, or in some cases, not even getting started.

Other things you will learn include:

  • What statistics to track and how to fix any that are down
  • How to effectively train your staff and on what
  • Two secrets to greater production from your employees
  • How to expertly correct bad behavior
  • and much, much more

How to Sell and Deliver Weight Loss Advanced Training Program

Learn how to promote, sell and deliver weight loss programs. This sales program works with any weight loss program so if you have one already, no need to change. If you don't have a weight loss program, we'll help with that, too!

Program Includes 1 Year of:

Best of the Best Advanced Training Program

The Best of the Best is a meeting of elite doctors in the profession designed to allow the top performing doctors, to meet in one space, so that they may network, brainstorm, and further their education.

Throughout the meeting, each doctor is encouraged to share their "Successful Systems" so that the whole may benefit. Once everyone has discussed their methods of success, doctors are able to walk away from the meeting with a wealth of new knowledge, that they can take back and begin implementing immediately in their own offices.

Regenerative Medicine Marketing Optimization Advanced Training Program

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Sales Mastery Level 1 Advanced Training Program

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